“Needles of Stone” by Tom Graves (1998 ebook edition)

"Needles of Stone" by Tom Graves (1998 ebook edition)

"This book takes the reader on an extraordinary journey. Using his skills as a dowser, the author explores the realm of Earth mysteries — megaliths, ley-lines, barrows, beacon hills, and other ancient features — and puts forward some startling, but nonetheless highly plausible ideas. He reveals a view of our world that links past and present, a world that hints at a magical technology linking people and place; a world whose energies could perhaps have been harnessed in the past to improve the quality of life. It is also a plea for us to rediscover the profound connection with place that our ancestors knew, and to begin to heal a relationship with land that has been badly ravaged by the values and assumptions of the modem world. Needles of Stone has long and rightly been considered a classic."