“Core Creativity: The Mindful Way to Unlock Your Creative Self” by Ronald Alexander

"Core Creativity: The Mindful Way to Unlock Your Creative Self" by Ronald Alexander

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"Offers ways to upgrade creativity while practicing mindfulness so that anyone can achieve breakthroughs in any area of their life.

Looking to upgrade your creative abilities? Core Creativity offers ways to go beyond the limitations of ordinary creativity to access the core creativity that comes from the very center of your being: the depths of your unconscious. Dr. Ronald Alexander has decades of experience working with core creatives—artists who regularly draw on deep creativity and have learned what to do when the well seems to have run dry. Using mindfulness practice, meditation and visualizations, and habits and mindsets of highly creative people, anyone can experience the flow of ideas as if from an infinitely abundant source.

Core Creativity employs stories of ordinary but highly creative people alongside the latest research that helps people get unstuck. Too often, the mind’s Wi-Fi signal is too weak for the really big ideas to load, but Core Creativity offers readers help with establishing a mindfulness practice; exercises for enhancing creativity and fostering better decision-making; key insights from personal interview with highly creative artists including music producer Val Garay, director Amy Ziering, and actor Denis Quaid; and guidance for reclaiming your creative self so you can achieve profound transformation. Core creativity allows you to come up with ideas that are both fresh and original and experience such a deep state of creative flow that it might feel as if you only played a minor role in the process of creativity. For anyone seeking to enhance their creative abilities and achieve their goals, Core Creativity presents the possibility of genuine breakthroughs."