“Demons and Fallen Angels: Damnable Devils’ History, Theories, Controversies, and Conspiracies” by Conrad Bauer

"Demons and Fallen Angels: Damnable Devils’ History, Theories, Controversies, and Conspiracies" by Conrad Bauer

"All over the world and throughout the ages, there are tales of mysterious and often malevolent entities who live solely in the shadows of our perception. They have been referred to as demons, fallen angels, devils, evil spirits and by other names. But what are we to make of these storied accounts of mystical mischief-makers that have incessantly plagued humanity? Is it all just a figment of our collective troubled minds? Or is there something more to it?

Here within these pages, you will discover not just a history, but a complex web of accounts, controversies, conspiracies, and theories. Because when it comes to the topic of fallen angels, demons, and demonology, there is no one-size-fits-all history but rather multiple recollections from a primordial past that few can fathom. This book delves deep into all of the strange epochs of demonic phenomena in humanity’s past as well as the supposed demonic visitations of the present. Here you can follow the diabolical arc from the original fall through all of its many reverberations throughout legend and mythology all over the globe—from the Nephilim of Genesis to the Jinn of the Quran to various witches, unnatural creatures and demons, and even to Aleister Crowley’s little Lam. This is the complete, unauthorized history, of damnable devils and all things that go bump in the night."