“5G Tai Chi: Covert Energy Methods” by Scott Meredith

"5G Tai Chi: Covert Energy Methods" by Scott Meredith

"I don’t know how to describe this book. If I say it’s ideal for beginners, I’ll be hit with incredulity: How can a book that teaches so many obscure yet specific, fully functional drills for generating the deepest experience of internal power, with the physical training process as well as energetic effects laid out in illustrated drill steps – all supported by precise, original translations of the relevant sections of the classical Tai Chi writings supplemented with texts by little known historical masters – possibly be considered a ‘beginner’ book? On the other hand, calling it ‘advanced’ belies my motivation in writing it, because this is exactly the book I wish I’d been issued at the first Tai Chi class I ever attended. Not only for inspiration but for the specific, ground-truth covert energy methods. This book is packed with Tai Chi-based internal cultivation techniques that will take your practice of any Tai Chi style into hyperdrive. No matter how I describe it, somebody will post saying they feel ripped off. Furthermore, let me say it loud, say it clear, right up front: ‘you cannot learn the form sequence from this book’. Is that plain enough? So – beginner? advanced? It’s both, it’s neither, or give me some other word for it. All I can say is that if you have any reasonable degree of intelligent, working interest in Tai Chi or human internal energy, this book was written for you."