“Infusion: Advanced Internal Power Drills” by Scott Meredith

"Infusion: Advanced Internal Power Drills" by Scott Meredith

"INFUSION is a graphical compendium of detailed performance instructions for optimal internal power generation using the most intensely effective drills sourced from the classical Chinese martial arts of: Tai Chi, Bagua, Xingyi, Praying Mantis, Yiquan, and others. It's large-format and graphics-centric.

Figure-8 Internal Hip & Tiger-Mouth Hands (Baguazhang)
Stepping Chop Fully-Body Resonance (Xinyiliuhequan
Neri (Yiquan/Taikiken)
Mantis Nei Gong Internal 7-Series (Tanglangquan)
Pelvic Strike Vector Dantian Activate (Xingyiquan)
Energy Soles to Fingers (Taijiquan)
Seated Dual-Leg Powerup (Taijiquan)
Internal Heel Spin Diagnostic (Taijiquan)
Snake Down Cording (Taijiquan)
Four-Layer Closing (Taijiquan)

The INFUSION content illuminates three levels: (1) Inspirational, (2) Conceptual, and (3) Technical. The inspirational aspect consists of notes on the background and culture of these arts, and my involvement with them. The conceptual aspect refers to specific ideas that are essential to power the mechanics of the drills – these are really the essence of these arts. The technical aspect is the mechanics of the drills – hand here, foot there. All of these are illustrated with innovative and intriguing graphics, supplemented with textual explanations. As for the 'Advanced' thing, that's actually a mixed bag. People with some background in Chinese martial systems will be more comfortable attempting some of these drills, at first. The material is cherry-picked from the profound historical matrices of vastly complex systems that require a lifetime to learn – and don't even think of mastering them. That cherry-picking will be offensive to some people, no way around that. But from another angle, these drills are very suitable for those who want to have a deep personal experience of this (apparently) mysterious internal power. The drills require no special equipment, environment, location or clothing. They are "bite size", not requiring a long time commitment for daily practice (though the more you do, the more you'll get hooked on practice). The mechanics are also easy to learn, typically just a few simple motions of arms and legs – but this is not your YMCA's Saturday morning qi gong class, make no mistake. This is the best of the best. No large space is required. A dozen or so square feet (or less) will suffice for most of them. Finally no partner is needed. They are all solo work, thus very suitable for our times. But they aren't for everyone. To avoid disappointment, please read all reviews, from the 5's to 1's, of all my other books before buying. That said, if you have any more than the most casual interest in internal energy training or foundational nei gong methods, you'll very likely come to own this book at some point. Might as well get a jump on it. To anybody really into this stuff, any single one of the drills here is easily worth more than 10-20 times this book's list price."