“Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course” by Tina M. Zion (2018 second edition)

"Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course" by Tina M. Zion (2018 second edition)

"Yes, you are already intuitive! Yes, you can learn medical intuition! You are already wired to be intuitive. It is only a matter of noticing in a different way.

This book provides a complete training experience to become a medical intuitive. Each chapter advances you, step-by-step, to intensify your intuitive abilities and your x-ray perception.

•Develop inner sight for the deeper cause of illness.
• Feel, sense, and see the entire person on all levels.
• Access a person's eternal story for healing.
• Understand the electromagnetic energy of thought and emotion.
•Assess what vibrational colors of the aura are telling you.
•Do distance assessments, and much more.

This teaching manual is for lay people, medical practioners, energy healers, professional intuitives and mediums, and anyone who yearns to develop their intuitive abilities. This is an experiential process to learn and become a medical intuitive for others. The medical intuitive's life is feeling, sensing, knowing, and perceiving on multiple levels with all of your senses.

When you have completed the course in this book, you will have truly developed your x-ray perceptions."