“Mastering Pranayama: From Breathing Techniques to Kundalini Awakening” by Radhika Shah Grouven

"Mastering Pranayama: From Breathing Techniques to Kundalini Awakening" by Radhika Shah Grouven

"It is common knowledge that pranayama is about breathing exercises. Right? Wrong! Radhika Shah Grouven divulges some of the secret practices of the mysterious Oral Tradition to challenge this popular belief. Breathing exercises are not pranayama; they prepare you for pranayama. Prana is the life force and pranayama is done with the mind. Pranayama begins where the breath ends. With pranayama you can harness the unlimited potentials of the mind and become a balanced and creative individual.

In this book you will learn:
Why most of us do not breathe correctly
How to unlearn faulty breathing patterns
Why the science of sitting is so important
How to get conscious control over the breath
How to train the laser-like power of the one-pointed mind
How to plunge into the vibrant silence of the breathless state, rest in profound, reasonless joy and truly enjoy life

Mastering Pranayama takes you step by step over a period of 7–8 months to advanced pranayama practices such as Sushumna Kriya, Sandhya Kriya, Kumbhaka and Yoga Nidra that lead to kundalini awakening. The practices are explained in detail with the help of over 80 illustrations and tables.The answers to some commonly posed questions at the end of each chapter foresee the difficulties of most practitioners. The tips and experiments throughout the book are fun as well as insightful. An authoritative book on the subject, Mastering Pranayama is a classic you will return to again and again: the ultimate guide for novices as well as trained teachers."