“Wicca Kitchen Witchery: A Beginner’s Guide to Magical Cooking, with Simple Spells and Recipes” by Lisa Chamberlain

"Wicca Kitchen Witchery: A Beginner's Guide to Magical Cooking, with Simple Spells and Recipes" by Lisa Chamberlain

"Cooking and magic have quite a lot in common. Both involve the use of various ingredients and natural forces to create something new, and both are undertaken to improve the well-being of the practitioner. Most delightfully, both cooking and magic also present infinite possibilities—so much so that even the most experienced chefs and magicians can still learn new tricks, techniques, and ingredients no matter how many years they’ve been practicing. In Kitchen Witchery, you’ll find plenty of information for the novice and the more experienced culinary magicians alike, including:
How the magical energies of natural foods operate to help you manifest your goals
How to choose magically potent foods to incorporate into your practice
Practical ideas for turning your kitchen into a sacred space and beginning to think like a magician in the culinary arena
Simple, example recipes with easy-to-follow instructions
How to make magical all-natural kitchen cleaners from household ingredients
Tables of correspondence for basic pantry staples, culinary herbs and Elemental energies in the kitchen

By the end of this book, you’ll have a solid foundation of knowledge to begin or enhance your practice of culinary magic. So roll up your sleeves and enjoy making magic in your kitchen with Kitchen Witchery!"