“World Religions Demystified” by Ebrahim E.I. Moosa

"World Religions Demystified" by Ebrahim E.I. Moosa

"Want to learn more about Judaism? Confused about Confucianism? This book is the answer to your prayers! World Religions DeMYSTiFieD is filled with the knowledge you need to ace a religion exam or satisfy your own curiosity.

Written by a professor of religion, World Religions DeMYSTiFieD gives you a tour of belief systems found around the globe. You will learn about the world's major religions–Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Islam–as well as Earth-based religions and native traditions of Australia, Africa, and the Americas. After reading this book, you will have a healthy understanding of these faiths without being overwhelmed by mystifying jargon or concepts.

This fast and easy guide features:
Step-by-step guidance through the fundamentals of world religions
Major rituals, celebrations, traditions, sacred texts, and art from each faith
Self-tests at the end of each chapter with complete answer explanations
A comprehensive test at the end of the book to check your knowledge

Perfect for religion majors and the just-curious alike, World Religions DeMYSTiFieD is your path to enlightenment on this subject."