“The Meaning of Finding Coins: Messages and Spiritual Insights” by Kimberly Ahri

"The Meaning of Finding Coins: Messages and Spiritual Insights" by Kimberly Ahri

"What if the simple act of picking up a coin could begin a heavenly conversation so mystical that it altered the way you view life? That is what happened to this author. In 2010, Kimberly Ahri began to find coins everywhere—every single day. This curious experience lasted for weeks, prompting her to pray for guidance and ask the question, "Is there meaning in finding coins?" The answer changed her life and initiated a wonder-filled journey that infused her spirit with hope during some of her most challenging times. Her journey also revealed spiritual insights and messages in the coins sure to help anyone feel more connected to the divine in life. This book is an answer to her calling: To share the information given to her so others may experience the same sense of encouragement and wonder. What if you could enter into a divine conversation that would give you a sense of love, reassurance, and comfort—every single time you find a coin?

You can. And you've already been invited."