“The Book of Confessions: Occult and Esoteric Secrets” by C.A. Toure

"The Book of Confessions: Occult and Esoteric Secrets" by C.A. Toure

"The occult has been shrouded in mystery and convoluted terminology. The Book of Confessions removes that shroud and demystifies this sphere of human existence. It is the birthright of whoever desires to know this dimension of life to have access. Of course, the practises in this book, while they do lead to a heightened state of consciousness, should not be used to harm others. These formerly obscured secrets, revealed in the Book of Confessions in layman’s terms, could be what you need to spice up your life or synergise your spiritual study.

This book is a concise introduction to occultism and esotericism, which skips the fear-mongering and idle dismissal. Offering a new perspective on the practical applications such knowledge may have in the improvement of your life. "