“A Codex on Magical Energy” by Albertus Crowley (Magick Unveiled)

"A Codex on Magical Energy" by Albertus Crowley (Magick Unveiled)

"Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Magical Energy is a master manual that will teach you the occult nature of magical energy, as well as how you can manipulate it for whatever purpose you desire. Anyone who practices the sacred craft of true Magick knows that all the spells and rituals are nothing but ways to conjure and control magical energy. Hence, the practice of Magick is the practice of manipulating this magical energy skillfully and effectively. Indeed, he who has full control of this divine energy shall have the universe at his fingertips.

Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Magical Energy pierces into the veil and reveals the true secrets of energy manipulation, a practice that was used by our holy ancestors. Although it is true that there are many books and writings on this subject, it is equally true that only a very few are able to penetrate into the mysteries of this sacred and ancient practice. Now is the time for the unveiling, for what was once passed on only from Adept to Initiate shall now be bestowed upon you. Remember to use this knowledge wisely and only for good and good alone. The gods are watching.

Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Magical Energy shall provide you with the right information and various practical exercises or techniques that you can use to tap and harness magical energy — the force of the gods. It is an unlimited power that is freely given to all true practitioners of the magical arts. Indeed, this is more than an occult manual, but a magical journey into power, peace, happiness, love, meaning, and true Magick — just as you deserve.

If you think that you are ready for this journey, then I now welcome you into this world of power and might, Magick and happiness, love and light. Tread lightly and always with love and kindness. The art of manipulating magical energy is a spiritual practice, for Magick itself is spirituality. You shall gain power, but you must not allow this power to blind you. The revelations you are about to discover are of pure and ancient origin, magical and genuine. Be ready to be empowered and to create positive changes in your life."