“Demon’s Delight: An Urban Fantasy Christmas Collection” by Dan Thompson, Kate Baray and Linda L. Davis

"Demon's Delight: An Urban Fantasy Christmas Collection" by Dan Thompson, Kate Baray and Linda L. Davis

"Three Christmas stories in three fantastic worlds, offering a taste of humor, romance, and the true Christmas spirit in one volume. YES, VIRGINIA, THERE IS A SATAN CLAWS Alice would rather spend Christmas in Hell than with her half-elf mother, so when her boss at the Herald sends her on a wild goose chase to find a demon called Satan Claws, she jumps at the excuse to miss the family reunion. But with so many Santas in Hell, from the horned mall Santa to the horny Sexy Santa, it’s not an easy assignment. And if she does find Satan Claws, what kind of Christmas does he plan to deliver? KRAMPUS GONE WILD Lizzie and John's engagement getaway turns sour when a Krampus outbreak intrudes. Three-feet tall, horned, and full of mischief, the local Krampuses are running amok. Can Lizzie and John tame the beasts before the local mundanes discover that magic is real and on their doorsteps? THE GOBLIN INFLUENCE There is a heaven, and there is a hell. Today they meet on earth. A small town in Nebraska becomes the battlefield for an age-old war between good and evil. A devilish fire lights the sky, and residents run amok controlled by impulses not their own. Only a heavenly intervention can save this small town from burning in the very fires of hell."