“Egyptian Energy Healing: The Nine of Heliopolis” by Shelley Kaehr

"Egyptian Energy Healing: The Nine of Heliopolis" by Shelley Kaehr

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"Mind-body expert Shelley A. Kaehr, Ph.D. brings you The Nine of Heliopolis, the first in a new series on Egyptian Energy Healing.

In one of the most prevalent Egyptian creation myths, nine deities ruled supreme in Heliopolis. Now you can work with these powerful forces to create strength and resilience in your life.

•Journey to meet with gods and goddesses of the Great Ennead: Atum, Shu & Tefnut, Geb & Nut, Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephthys
•Learn healing symbols representing each of the goddesses and gods
•Discover a new healing method using symbols to balance to body, mind and spirit
•Explore self-healing, healing others, distance, group and global healing
•And more!

Since her transformational journey to Egypt and subsequent near-death experience back in 2000, Shelley Kaehr developed several cutting-edge healing methods which are the subject of her many books. She is also a renowned past life regressionist and world traveler who believes the soul longs to return to familiar places from prior lifetimes."