“A Witch in the Kitchen: Titania’s Book of Magical Feasts” by Titania Hardie

"A Witch in the Kitchen: Titania's Book of Magical Feasts" by Titania Hardie

"This is Titania's foray into the powerful relationship between food and the spirit. What she calls "saucery" is a reminder that food nourishes the brain and body and love the soul and spirit, and the two often overlap. WITCH in the KITCHEN is a journey that celebrates the link between the feeding of our physical and our emotional, spiritual selves. Far more than just a use of traditional "aphrodisiacs", there is much food science that acknowledges, for instance, the peppy affect of poppy seeds, the virility connected with cooked tomato, the intoxicating appeal of spicy scented foods and the chemical impact of chocolate, to name a few. Weave magic into your dishes with carefully selected ingredients, choose colours for a table that spark a desired effect, and enjoy the relationship between cookery and enchantment. As Isabel Allende said, any food prepared with love has magic in it."