“Paganism: The Old Religion” by Allan Kus (IGOS)

"Paganism: The Old Religion" by Allan Kus (IGOS)

"Both Christianity and Paganism provide you with a new outlook on life. In Christianity it is spoken of as a spiritual rebirth in Christ and putting on the new man. Paganism does the same thing but it goes further. It gives you a new outlook on life and a more positive outlook. It enables you to take control of your universe or the space around you.

Paganism is not for everyone. Most people want traditional surroundings like a church building, stained glass windows, sermons, and a priest. Paganism is too strange and uncomfortable for them. Paganism is for the people that have become disenchanted with Christianity and still want a feeling of religion and spirituality. For many of the reasons above, Paganism has revived and the neopagan movement is continuing to grow. This book is a look at Paganism, but it is also a practical how-to-do-it book as well. "