“The Science Of Self-Hypnosis: The Evidence Based Way To Hypnotise Yourself” by Adam Eason

"The Science Of Self-Hypnosis: The Evidence Based Way To Hypnotise Yourself" by Adam Eason

"The Evidence Based Way To Hypnotise Yourself is a book written for anyone wanting to learn about self-hypnosis and how to use it.

This book is ideal for anyone; ranging from beginners who are new to the field of self-hypnosis, to experienced clinicians hoping to teach patients how to use self-hypnosis for therapeutic gain.

Contained within this book are a range of methods for anyone to apply:
to achieve a hypnotic mindset,
develop hypnotic skills,
induce self-hypnosis,
deepen the experience of hypnosis,
apply a range of evidence-based techniques and strategies for self-improvement and then
exit hypnosis.

The book offers a modern historical explanation of the development of this fascinating field as well as serving as a guidebook for practical application.

All of this is done by dispensing with notions of an 'unconscious mind' or a 'special trance state', instead showing hypnosis to be an ordinary skill that anyone can learn, to be good at and derive benefit from.

As the book title suggests, it adheres to research findings and the evidence-base available as much as possible while offering up a substantial literature review of this topic.

The second half of the book looks specifically at applying self-hypnosis for:
stress management,
anxiety reduction,
pain control
and sleep enhancement;

all showcasing techniques which can be applied to a range of other issues too.

This is a comprehensive volume that aims to result in it's readers becoming proficient self-hypnotists.

Adam ends his book with these words:
In my opinion, there are not enough people in the world who have these skills. Self-hypnotists have the opportunity to make real beneficial changes that make each day an exciting prospect; the self-hypnosis adventure and exploration starts here.

That indeed is an exciting prospect!"