“IGOS Basic Witchcraft/Sorcery Course” by IGOS

"IGOS Basic Witchcraft/Sorcery Course" by IGOS

"You are about to take a journey that will change your life forever. You will be entering the world of MAGICK & SORCERY. Worlds generally long forgotten by the average person, but always there waiting for future man. By starting this course, you are now one of the chosen few to seek the power. If you follow this course and apply what you learn, you will change your life dramatically. By doing that you also change the world in the process.

This course is the product of hundreds of years of study and research. This is not a course written by one man, about a system that works for him. This course has been used for hundreds of years by thousands of people. That is the information in this course. It took many forms years ago. Everything in this course has been proven to be effective. Of courese each student will get different degrees of success. This depends on the work the student puts in and general natural talent, but rest assured this course works. We have combined all the best secrets into one course. You will not find this information in any other course. It is the only complete course in practical magick on the market today. Being an international organization we see courses from around the world. This is finest available for students that want an effective practical magickal system."