“Voodoo Sorcery Grimoire” by Brujo Negro (IGOS)

"Voodoo Sorcery Grimoire" by Brujo Negro (IGOS)

"Brujo Negro's Voodoo Sorcery Grimoire, published by International Guild of Occult Sciences. A classic in the field of Voodoo, Hoodoo and Brujeria.

This is not a book on the Voudun Religion, but is what the title suggests a Grimoire of Voodoo as practiced in the Southern states of the USA. And as most Grimoires it is intended for the Sorcerer as a guide for invoking and conjuring Spiritual Beings, as well as casting hexes. This is a book of Folk Magic, brought to the Americas by African Congo Slaves. The book is a bit expensive, but the wealth of information is priceless. The only thing is that a lot of people who really do not have the proper knowledge of working Voodoo or brujeria, can really harm themselves or others. In the Voodoo Grimoire the reader learns how to work the candles. Learns how to conjure the dead as done in Southern Voodoo. Learns a form of a bone casting Voodoo divination, call upon Papa Legba as well as other Lwas, and Spirit Families for aid. Learn how to build an Ancestral Altar, and learn how to create a Hoodoo box. All in all it is a Grimoire and can be dangerous for the person who uses it with no proper training, lack of respect, or ignorance."