“Magical Keys to Self-Empowerment” by Charles Mage

"Magical Keys to Self-Empowerment" by Charles Mage

"Magical Keys to Self-Empowerment unveils the secrets and teaches the proper mindset and techniques that will allow you to unleash your infinite potentials and power as a witch, magus, sorcerer, or whatever title you consider yourself to be. If you are tired of the world controlling you and preventing you from expressing the real you, then this codex shall show you the way to freedom, full self-expression, and the way to power.

Whoever says that acquiring power is not important is still living a lie. Magick was given to man so they may exercise it and have dominion over all things – even over people. After all, there are people these days who are worse than insects. Magick the way to power and a happy life. This does not mean that you should be evil and do immoral actions, but you must not allow the evils of this world to trample you underfoot.

Now is the time to take control of your life, be who you really are, and exercise the powers that have been hiding inside you. After all, as according to ancient wisdom, "The world shall bow and crumble upon the feet of the Magus." Nothing is further from the truth, and now is the time to take your place in this universe."