“A Victorian Grimoire: Romance — Enchantment — Magic” by Patricia Telesco (1996 edition)

"A Victorian Grimoire: Romance — Enchantment — Magic" by Patricia Telesco (1996 edition)

"Dip into the magic, traditions, and beliefs of people who lived just over a century ago, and discover how you can make use of that wisdom today, when you read A Victorian Grimoire by Patricia Telesco.

Like a special opportunity to rummage through your grandmother's (or great-grandmother's) attic, A Victorian Grimoire offers you a personal invitation to discover a storehouse of magical and other treasures. You'll be able to enhance virtually every aspect of your daily life as you begin to reclaim the romance, simplicity, and "know-how" of the Victorian era. During that exceptional period, people's lives were shaped by their love of the land, of home and family, and by a simple acceptance of what we now call "magic" as part of everyday life.

The amount of usable information in A Victorian Grimoire is amazing. You'll get a fun, historical peek at what life was like during that era, but it is the practical material that you can use today where this book really shines:

·The meanings of birthstones
·How to make and use dolls
·The magical language of the fan
·Recipes for healing teas
·Umbrella magic
·The magical calendar and celebrations of the seasons
·Moon magic
·Lunar astrology
·Making magical gardens
·The secret language of flowers
·Weather magic
·Victorian herbal magic
·Magic for the kitchen
·Magic in each room
·Fifteen types of divination
·Love magic
·Magic with pets

More and more, people are searching for ways to create peace and beauty in this increasingly chaotic world. A Victorian Grimoire shows you how to re-create the peace and beauty of a time past with simple, down-to-earth "Victorian Enchantments" that turn every mundane act into an act of magic.

A Victorian Grimoire is also a captivating study of the turn of the century and a comprehensive repository of common-sense knowledge. Whether it's turning the making of beauty-care products or doing the dishes into magic or discovering how to relieve a backache, dry and store herbs, help children get over fears of the dark, or any of the hundreds of topics in this book, A Victorian Grimoire is a must. "