“Elemental Magick of the Five Fingers” by Charles Mage

"Elemental Magick of the Five Fingers" by Charles Mage

"Elemental Magick of the Five Fingers is a master manual that will teach you the secret and ancient art of the occult uses and properties of the five fingers. By learning this sacred magical art, you will be able to harness the powers of the elements by using only your fingers, thereby allowing you to cast powerful magick anytime and anywhere. Just imagine the grand possibilities that shall open before you once you learn and master this technique. This is also how many adept practitioners of the magical arts are able to cast spells and do rituals even in public places unknown to the many people around them. Indeed, if you are truly serious with your practice of magick, then this magical practice should be in your arsenal as a witch, magus, wizard, or whatever kind of magical practitioner you might be."