“The Key to the Magic of the Psalms” by Pater Amadeus

"The Key to the Magic of the Psalms" by Pater Amadeus

"The Book of Psalms is the longest book in the Bible, and definitely the most magical. However, the actual Psalms are a collection of songs or spells that pre-date the Bible by quite a bit. The Psalms have been used as the basis of amulets and for their magical use for thousands of years by all kinds of different cultures and peoples. They have been used by witches, magicians, mystics, priests, sorcerers, gurus, prophets and many more reality deviants. There is a reason why so many different people with clashing and largely incompatible ideologies have used this same spell book. It works.

It is important for me to point out that the Psalms are not Christian. The early Christians merely incorporated them into their practice because of their inherent power and profoundness. While fascinating, I am personally less interested in the history of the Psalms, and more in their practical application to which this booklet is dedicated.

There are no limits as to what you can achieve and accomplish using Psalm magic. You can use it to double your income, reverse curses, build a profitable business, marry your ideal partner, heal parts of your mind or body that are holding you back, attain new and expanded levels of consciousness and reach higher levels of enlightenment. These are just some examples. As you experience the Psalms yourself you will learn the full scope of their potential."