“The Magick of the Zenina Circle” by Charles Mage

"The Magick of the Zenina Circle" by Charles Mage

"The Magick of the Zenina Circle is a magical manual that reveals the secret magical practices and rituals of the Zenina witches. The Zenina Circle is a group of powerful female witches who work their magick in the world. Their members are scattered in different countries and are truly devoted and active in their magical practice. It is said that the Zenina Circle works with their magick in order to save the world from doom as caused by the "modern" society. For centuries, the magical workings of the Zenina witches have been hidden in strict secrecy and revealed only to a few and chosen initiates and members of the coven. With the permission of the High Priestess of Zenina, some of their notable practices shall now be revealed in this occult chapbook. The good news is that many of their beliefs and practices can be absorbed and used by any practicing witch or magician regardless of tradition. After all, the Zenina Circle believes in the oneness of spirituality, and that all the seemingly different traditions and practices are merely the different colors of one and the same rainbow. The magick of the Zenina Circle is neither black nor white, but it is multicolored and embraces all things and non-things — because to the Zenina witches, everything is magick."