“Vampirism Magick for Beginners” by Charles Mage

"Vampirism Magick for Beginners" by Charles Mage

"Vampirism Magick is not a new system or form of magick. It has been practiced by various practitioners of the magickal arts since ancient times. You do not even need to be a vampire to do it. This makes it an interesting subject to any practitioner of the Craft. After all, there is a great deal of power that this ancient knowledge and practice can give to anyone who knows how to harness the magic of the so-called vampires. Again, even if you are not a vampire, you can learn important teachings from this magickal scroll. And, if you are a vampire, or if you are intending to become one, then this shall be a holy grail that should be in your arsenal of magickal crafts and workings."