“Success Secrets For 2021 Metal Ox” by Kathleen Zemansky

"Success Secrets For 2021 Metal Ox" by Kathleen Zemansky

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"Your definitive 2021 Operating System to synchronize your personal energy, time and space to achieve your goals.

Everyone agrees that 2020 was a year of tumultuous change. And 2021—the Chinese Year of the Metal Ox—will be a continuation of upheavals.

In today's turbulent climate, being an expert in your field is no longer good enough. This is where Chinese astrology and Feng Shui come to the rescue.

Classical Feng Shui is a holistic system that incorporates person, space, time and universe. The whole is more empowering than the subset of any branch. From a vibrational perspective, the whole aligns you with your highest energy and opens gateways to empowerment, right decision-making and success.

In 2021, most of the globe will continue to work remotely. Now more than ever, the proper Feng Shui, Flying Star, & Universal Gateway setup of your space is crucial. Understanding annual potential or pitfalls of your astrological chart helps you play to your strengths is key in volatile 2021.

Here are the tools you need for maximum business and personal success:

•PERSON – Astrology – Understand your true potential in these difficult times and sidestep the challenges the Year of the Metal Ox will bring
•SPACE – Feng Shui – Fix problems in your workspace by invoking optimum energy with long term results
•TIME – TimeBlazr – Trigger your most favorable energy on any given day, week or month with this done-for-you software
•UNIVERSE – Universal Gateway – Access your higher intelligence and receive empowered strategies for success in this challenging year

“Winging it” isn’t even an option any longer. It’s time to dive into one of the most empowering systems the world has ever known, one that has lasted from antiquity.

Kathleen Zemansky’s 2021 roadmap to the Year of the Metal Ox includes:

•2021 analysis of all 12 Animals
•2021 Feng Shui positive and challenging directions
•2021 Flying Star of positive and challenging numbers
•2021 Universal Gateway spiritual directions for empowering yourself, your time, your space
•2021 Right Timing with TimeBlazr "