“True Tarot Card Meanings: Learn the Secrets of Professional Readers” by Andrea Green

"True Tarot Card Meanings: Learn the Secrets of Professional Readers" by Andrea Green

"Imagine if you had the opportunity to learn from the best tarot readers worldwide. As Andrea Green I have had the good fortune to have done just that! Over a number of years I have immersed myself in that very world!

Discover the one weird trick that will mean that you never get stuck on reading a card!

Learn the Top Six Cards that May Show a Cheat!

I reveal the Top Ten Relationship Cards to look out for in any Reading.

I also show you my own secret trick for knowing if a Court Card is a real person in your life, a part of a situation you are in, or a part of yourself that you need to call on!

With descriptions of every card, insider tips and professional tips too, this is an entire workbook!

I, like you, have discovered that I tire easily of beginner tarot books that promise you the world and take you no further than the first few pages. It is my intention with this my first book to change this. "