“Super Tarot: Interpret the Cards Like a Pro” by Sasha Fenton

🕵️🐷🕵️ zero-day🕵️🐷🕵️ "Improve your ability to string tarot cards together to create an accurate, insightful story. Anyone can learn the basic figures on a deck of tarot cards; but to become a truly skilled tarot reader, one must go beyond mere symbols to recognize the deeper stories the cards are telling. This generously illustrated guide will help you gain confidence and enjoy a greatly increased understanding of the tarot deck. Chapter by chapter, you'll build skills and put that newfound knowledge to work through an assortment of practice readings, intriguing exercises, and even games. With the expert advice and proven techniques included here, you'll quickly begin to understand how each of the major and minor arcana interact, when...>>

“Tarot Twist: 78 New Tarot Reading Methods” by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin

"Twist your Tarot with 78 innovative spreads and methods from award-winning tarot authors Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin! Learn how to create your own unique spreads from any question to provide truly profound readings for yourself, friends, family or paying clients! Learn to converse with the cards themselves and predict the timing of events. Learn an incredible range of methods an use the Tarot for spiritual self-discovery and regular fortune-telling and divination! Learn to combine Runes, Astrology, Tarot and the I-Ching together for a Grand Quadrangle Reading! Discover Alchemical readings, spreads to learn from mistakes, face your fears, and gain self-knowledge."...>>

“The Soul’s Journey” by James Ricklef

"Throughout the centuries, Tarot readings have addressed our problems on the level of the material plane while generally bypassing the spiritual aspects of the questions at hand. The essential truth, however, is that every question has a spiritual foundation, as does every authentic answer. To help you find the sacred dimensions of your Tarot readings, this book shows you how to bring an enlightened perspective into your readings through its exploration of the spiritual facets of all 78 cards and its presentation of spiritually-infused spreads. However, you do not have to know about, or even care about the Tarot to use the wealth of spiritual advice and inspiration in this book. You can read it...>>

“The Atom Bomb Tarot” by Arch-Traitor Bluefluke (digital deck)

"I’ve spent well over four years on this project, doing it and redoing it until I got it right. In total I’ve made and scrapped over two hundred cards I felt weren’t up to snuff. Hell, I started this project before I even began work on the Psychonaut Field Manual. My goal was to focus on the more esoteric aspect of the Tarot, to make clear in plain language, what has been long forgotten by even the most knowledgeable magicians. Now, there’s nothing wrong with divination, far from, I encourage it. Kick ass. Chew bubblegum. But even the most seasoned Tarot enthusiasts seem to be oblivious as to Tarot’s true underlying machinery and thus, blind to...>>

“Tarot: The Open Reading” by Yoav Ben-Dov

"The object of this book is threefold. First, it is an introduction to Tarot cards and their reading, bringing together historical, philosophical, psychological and magical considerations. Second, it is a practical guide to the “open reading” method, based on looking at the card illustrations rather than learning fixed interpretations by heart. Third, it is a handbook for reading the Tarot de Marseille, which is the classical version of the traditional Tarot. It can also provide you with a deeper understanding of other Tarot decks, which are new adaptations of the same original symbols. Whether you are a novice or an experienced Tarot reader, and whatever deck or reading method you are now using, this book...>>