“The Ivory Tablets of the Crow” by Warlock Asylum

"The Ivory Tablets of the Crow" by Warlock Asylum

"The Ivory Tablets of the Crow is the initiatory rite of the Art of Ninzuwu, a spiritual practice said to have originated during the Jomon period, closely associated with the Tengu, Yatagarasu, and Ryujin Shinko (Dragon god faith).

During the Jomon period an empire existed, whose boundaries stretched from the Far East into what is known today as ancient Mesopotamia. Traces of this empire can be found in the legends of the continent of Mu and stories about a struggle for what is known as the Tablets of Destinies, which marked the breakdown of this kingdom.

The Tablets of Destinies was understood to be “the power of Anu” by the ancient Mesopotamians. It is said by some to be the Yi Jing of Chinese, and an esoteric knowledge of a secret society that was occasionally revealed to mankind by the Tengu and the Yatagarasu.

The Ninzuwu, being the keepers of the sacred knowledge, shared this technology with mankind in the mathematical language of dreams and other practices that are closely associated with what is known today as Shinto and Yi Jing Sorcery, which are not separate schools when understood properly, the Cult of Nyarzir.

It was by the use of the mathematical language of dreams, that an initiate can interpret and communicate with the same forces that he/she are being influenced by, and what deity that they may call upon for clarity, but also how transmute their own DNA and evolve in being. This is the meaning of the Tablets of Destinies, also known as the Yi Jing."