“Written: How to Keep Writing and Build a Habit That Lasts” by Bec Evans and Chris Smith

"Written: How to Keep Writing and Build a Habit That Lasts" by Bec Evans and Chris Smith

"Written is a transformative guide that anyone can use to overcome their blocks and build a successful writing habit.

Many people think that there's only one 'right' way to get the writing done — or that trying harder is the key. Award-winning writers, productivity coaches and co-founders of Prolifiko Bec Evans and Chris Smith know this isn't true. Having coached over 10,000 writers, they've learned that productivity is personal. Their unique, results-driven approach is designed to help you find a realistic and sustainable practice that will get you to the end of any writing project, no matter how stuck you feel.

Applying research from neuroscience and psychology, and based on the authors' own practice and findings, Written will show you how to manage your time effectively, how to visualise and set successful goals, how to recover from setbacks, and ultimately how to create writing habits that work for you. Along the way, you'll hear inspiring and relatable stories from other writers who have overcome their struggles to find success. Each chapter ends with practical coaching exercises that you can start implementing right now.

For anyone with a project they need to get written — whether a business book, thesis or work of fiction — this inspiring book offers practical strategies to beat the inner critic, find time, keep motivated and write."

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