“Liber Alba: Questions Asked of an Occult Master” by Amado Crowley

"Liber Alba: Questions Asked of an Occult Master" by Amado Crowley

"Teaching occultism over 50 years can get a little monotonous. Students always think they are the first ones to ask that awe-inspiring question when truly they are probably number 101 in a queue as long as your memory. To simplify matters, Amado Crowley has produced "Liber Alba" – a collection of over 400 of the most common questions asked by eager students of an occult master over the last five decades, grouped together, organized and answered clearly and succinctly. Some readers may be surprised to discover that occultism is truly a good and wholesome religion with its roots in pre-history and its reach in the future. The book provides a simple set of answers to some of the fundamental questions of religion and spirituality. The language is accessible and clear, avoiding all of the mumbo jumbo which is so popular with esoteric writers."