“Sacred Tears: A Witch’s Guide to Grief” by Courtney Weber

"Sacred Tears: A Witch's Guide to Grief" by Courtney Weber

"Your Gentle Companion for the Journey of Grief

When loss leaves you reeling, struggling emotionally and spiritually, Sacred Tears offers support from a Witch's perspective. Courtney Weber provides guidance as you navigate the grief spiral at your own pace. She reassures you that grief is not only necessary, but sacred, and need not be rushed.

Providing dozens of rituals, prayers, and journal prompts, Courtney meets you where you are and accompanies you through all kinds of grief. She encourages you to incorporate your own spirituality, sharing stories from her experiences that help you cope in your unique way. Learn how to communicate your needs, comfort others who are hurting, and mourn when you can't get closure. This heartfelt book guides you through something none of us want to endure but all of us will."