“Vampiric Magick: Energy Vampirism for Beginners” by Alexander Grimwood

"Vampiric Magick: Energy Vampirism for Beginners" by Alexander Grimwood

"Vampiric Magick: Energy Vampirism for Beginners is a magical manual on vampiric magic, also known as the magic of the legendary vampires. Although not everyone is born as a vampire, the magic of vampirism is a learnable skill, and it can be learned by anyone. In fact, there are a good number of occult practitioners who include vampirism magic in their arsenal of magical techniques. It is also worth noting that vampirism is a powerful form of magic. If you want a magic that is strong and emphasizes real power, then vampirism magic is for you.

Vampiric Magick: Energy Vampirism for Beginners reveals the ins and outs of vampiric magic. It is also an excellent guide for beginners, as well as intermediate practitioners who are looking for a way to expand their current practice. Vampirism does not belong to any strict sect or tradition, so you can easily incorporate it into your personal magical practices regardless of the tradition that you might be following, if any.

Vampirism deals a lot with the direct and active manipulation of energy — and as you may already know, the fine art of manipulating magical energy is an important part of magic. In fact, energy manipulation covers a big part of the whole magical arts. Even spells and rituals depend on how well the witch or magus can harness magical energy.

There are two kinds of vampires: sanguine and energy vampires. Sanguine vampires feed on fresh human blood while energy vampires feed on human energy. Both kinds of vampires are legitimate and genuine, and one is not necessarily more powerful than the other. This manual is focused on energy vampirism, which is also the kind of vampiric magic that can be learned and used by anyone.

Vampiric Magick: Energy Vampirism for Beginners is not just a book of information, but it is a book of practice and wisdom. After all, the only way to truly understand the magic of the vampires is through actual and personal experience. This means that you must get into the real practices and see them for yourself. This book will provide you with the essential principles and practical exercises, so that you can fully immerse yourself in vampiric magic and experience it first hand.

Are you ready to learn the secrets of energy vampirism? If yes, then welcome into this world of personal power, mystery, and true magic."