“The Moon Zone: The Second Step to Divine Providence” by Nenad Djordjevic-Talerman and Kadiliya Aili

"The Moon Zone: The Second Step to Divine Providence" by Nenad Djordjevic-Talerman and Kadiliya Aili

"This book is written as a practical magical guide. It has 28 chapters, each of them named after its related head of the Lunar mansion

This title is dedicated to all readers who wish to understand the magical significance of the Moon to people’s mundane activities and spiritual life. It is helpful to those interested in expanding their knowledge on subjects such as the Moon magic, Yesod in Tree of Life, otherworldly regions of the Moon, Lunar angels and angelic orders, and Lunar deities, people and cvilisations.

It can provide a chance for a reader to be initiated into the Moon Zone. As this book is not a fairytale, it can guide talented and dedicated readers to travel to the Moon, where they can experience astral and mental wanderings and meet the Archangel Gabriel and many other Lunar spirits. Their academies and temples are located in the Moon Zone, so their typical students are blessed and advanced human beings who are already beyond the reach of our world’s reality, but this grimoire has a goal to lead you towards their schools, so that you may learn their subjects.

The book is a follow-up of Talerman’s book The 360 Heads of Earth Zone: The First Step to Divine Providence. It is inspired by Bardon’s second book The Practice of Magical Evocation and based on the medieval Arabian and hermetic European traditions such as works from the Picatrix, Agrippa, Solomon’s books, Moses and the Liber Juratus."