“Esoteric Key Method: Meditation” by Andreea Ionescu

"Esoteric Key Method: Meditation" by  Andreea Ionescu

"Your most likely experience while trying to meditate is to get bored, irritated or get your mind running on about anything at all. You might beat yourself up about not doing it right because your mind keeps on running, do breathing exercises until you choke up and have the whole experience make meditation feel definitely not worthwhile, not useful and most importantly not working. I had all these issues, and I came up with a step-by-step solution to fix them once and for all, the Esoteric Key Method. The first issue is centered around rightfully understanding what meditation is, the second is a step-by-step approach to actually doing it, and the third part of this book contains various guided imaginative esoteric meditations meant to stimulate your brain and get you fired up to explore your internal universe and build on the Akashic Plane—create your own imaginary astral locations where you can explore the depths of your subconscious realm so that you can meditate in a more productive way."