“Light Touch Manifestations: How To Shape The Energy Field To Attract What You Want” by Richard Dotts

"Light Touch Manifestations: How To Shape The Energy Field To Attract What You Want" by Richard Dotts

"In his previous 16 bestselling books, spiritual explorer and author Richard Dotts explained various aspects of the manifestation process and showed readers how to apply these concepts to their lives in more deliberate and conscious ways.

Now in his new book Light Touch Manifestations, Richard offers a coherent and unifying look at his contemporary interpretation of these Universal creative principles.

Fans of Richard Dotts will be delighted to know that he returns to his roots with this latest book, expanding upon the concepts which he originally touched upon in his first book (Banned Mind Control Secrets) that started it all. In Light Touch Manifestations, Richard offers a detailed look at our personal beliefs system and its crucial role in our physical manifestations. Then he points out the common misconceptions which most people have about their inner beliefs system, which can delay or prevent them from achieving their outer goals in life.

For the first time ever, Richard covers the entire manifestation sequence in detail, showing exactly how our beliefs and innermost thoughts can lead to concrete, outer manifestations. As part of his approach of taking a light touch, Richard shows readers how to handle each component of the manifestation sequence and tweak it to produce fast, effective manifestations in our daily lives.

In the second half of this book, Richard lays down the broad principles of his manifestation approach, and invites readers to take advantage of these broader principles to create magic and miracles in their own lives. He takes the reader through detailed processes intended to imprint the energy field with their intentions (a topic which he first covered in Banned Manifestation Secrets), and also explains (for the first time in print) powerful dropping sequences that can be used to eliminate perceived problems and issues from our lives. These dropping sequences, when used in conjunction with an understanding of the manifestation sequence, allows one to achieve greater mastery over their inner states and hence outer manifestations."