“Spontaneous Manifestations From Zero: Tapping Into The Universal Flow” by Richard Dotts

"Spontaneous Manifestations From Zero: Tapping Into The Universal Flow" by Richard Dotts

"What if every single self-help book you read (including this one) produces immediate and lasting results in your life? What if there is a way to easily apply spiritual teachings and manifestation techniques from diverse sources to instantly dissolve longstanding problems, challenges and roadblocks in your life? Can you compress the time it takes for your physical manifestations from a few months to a few minutes or less?

In his new book Spontaneous Manifestations From Zero, the world’s favorite manifestation author Richard Dotts lays the foundation by first explaining the Magic Transformation Process. Richard developed this process as an easy way for anyone to quickly integrate new spiritual teachings into their life and see fast results.

Drawing on his own personal experiences and struggles with interpreting these esoteric teachings, the Magic Transformation Process bridges the gap between theory and practice by "transforming" any teaching into a form that is easily assimilated by our current belief system. The result is a high level of personal effectiveness and greatly improved success rates when learning any spiritual or self-help technique, such as those intended for instant manifestation or spiritual healing.

Having laid this general groundwork for personal development, Richard moves on to explain why manifestations are not about taking a piecemeal approach. Many readers apply manifestation techniques in a piecemeal manner to fill up perceived voids in their lives. But as Richard explains, becoming an effective manifestor goes beyond just using these techniques when the need arises and neglecting them in other areas of your life. To become an effective manifestor, one needs to move towards an actual, holistic living of this material at all levels of their being instead of merely understanding it theoretically.

To help readers do so, Richard expands upon the concept of timeless manifestations which he originally introduced in his book Playing In Time And Space. In this current book, Richard takes readers through a powerful series of inner exercises to "perceive our physical manifestations as the Universe sees it — at a single point in time". Most readers have a difficult time understanding why time and space boundaries do not matter to the Universe and how time is only a convenient illusion when it comes to our manifestations. Through the steps described by Richard, readers are guided to see why instant spontaneous manifestations are not just a fantasy but a definite possibility in our everyday experience.

Next, Richard shares the Quick Statement Process, a powerful technique that allows readers to cut through any negative feelings, emotions or thoughts arising from particular situations in their own life. These negative feelings often delay and hold our manifestations back, which is why it is important that we break free from them as soon as possible. The Quick Statement Process allows one to dissolve any negative feelings of doubt without the need for any logical rationalizations or psychoanalysis. Just drop it and be done with them!

Readers are in for a treat as Richard rounds up the book by showing readers how to "collapse" their perceptions of time and space — such that they are both living in their current reality and also a "future" reality where their desires are already manifest. He shares his latest insights on why worrisome and fearful thoughts just cannot exist when we "collapse the future into the now" and live in a state of perpetual bliss. This is the zero state from which spontaneous manifestations happen, and you can live it today!"