“Yoga and the Art of Mudras” by Nubia Teixeira

"Yoga and the Art of Mudras" by Nubia Teixeira

"A unique yoga guide that fuses traditional asana with mudra and storytelling from the bhakti yoga tradition

Yoga and the Art of Mudras is a guided journey into the alchemy of asana (yoga pose) and mudra (symbolic hand gesture). Brazilian-born yogini, dancer, and author Nubia Teixeira has been practicing and teaching traditional yoga and classical Indian Odissi dance for over twenty-six years. In this book, she fuses her passion for yoga and dance with her love for bhakti (devotion). In so doing, she has created a unique and contemporary yoga system that encompasses all three healing arts.

Through beautiful photographs of each yoga pose, Nubia guides the reader in a meaningful union of hand gestures with asanas. Drawing, in particular, on expressions and hand gestures found in Indian dance, these newly developed poses will help transform a person’s hatha yoga practice into an embodied devotional and artistic yogic experience.

Nubia’s yoga-mudra system combines expressions that are deeply rooted in the heart of traditional yoga, classical Indian Odissi dance, and inspirational bhakti yoga storytelling. Honoring the gifts of all three systems, Nubia Teixeira shares a didactic, beautiful, and truly original voyage into the heart of devotional yoga practice."

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