“The Magic Feeling Which Creates Instant Manifestations” by Richard Dotts (2nd edition)

"The Magic Feeling Which Creates Instant Manifestations" by Richard Dotts (2nd edition)

"Is there really a "magic feeling", an inner state of mind that results in almost instant manifestations? Can someone live in a perpetual state of grace, and have good things and all your deepest desires come true spontaneously without any “effort” on your part?

For the first time in print, bestselling author and spiritual explorer Richard Dotts (Author of Banned Manifestation Secrets amongst others) reveals the miraculous events which happened to him many years ago in a dingy bunk bed while isolated from the rest of the world. An accidental brush with this magical feeling changed the course of his life forever. You can read his amazing story in the free preview chapter of this book.

For the next 10 years, Dotts spent every waking moment he could trying to understand what happened that faithful day, and how he could get back to that amazing state of being. Along the way, he immersed himself in the teachings of ancient spiritual teachers and modern scientists, and found the single element that is always present in ANY manifestation or physical demonstration.

Now more than 10 years later, Dotts writes candidly and with authority: There is a magic feeling which results in instant manifestations, and I can teach you how to find it. This is the way we were made to function and this is the only way we can live our highest potential.

Learn as Dotts reveals:
* The miraculous story of how the Universe delivered a pile of money to him, during a special time in his life where he COULD NOT have made money any other possible way. The Universe truly knows no physical space and time limitations.
* What the Magic Feeling that results in instant manifestations feels like… and how you can access this feeling at will (This does not depend on how spiritual or “worthy” someone is)
* How the Magic Feeling relates to the latest scientific developments about brainwave frequencies, and the brainwaves of high priests, shamans and spiritual healers (Dotts knows this because he has personally tried these spiritual healing techniques and compared it to his Magic Feeling.)
* A completely new, never-before-seen explanation, about why visualization (or feeling AS IF as taught in “The Secret” and by many new-age authors) does not work for most people
* How to make your visualizations so effective and attractive, you may have to change what you’re asking for! The missing secret is NOT to feel “as if” your desires have already materialized as commonly taught! Instead, you need to ____ while doing so.
* The hidden meaning behind Rumi’s mystical poem, the Breezes at Dawn, written 7 centuries ago and how it relates to modern day manifestations

Updated 2nd edition includes new chapter at the end. Readers of the bestselling first edition can skip directly to the last chapter."