“You Are Abundant: Why You Are Enough the Way You Are” by BelindaGrace

"You Are Abundant: Why You Are Enough the Way You Are" by BelindaGrace

"A clairvoyant provides tools to achieving the best in life by focusing on the abundance everyone already has within themselves

Many people spend time and energy craving what they think they need—a bigger house, a newer car, yet more clothes, a better body—and worrying about how to get it. They fear they lack the abundance required to make their lives happy, but here, clairvoyant healer Belinda Grace defines a new form of abundance that is essential to happiness, healing, and a sense of purpose in life. With gentle encouragement and warm, compassionate words, she entreats readers to look with fresh eyes at their current lives and uncover the abundance that already surrounds them and resides within. Unlike other books, which primarily focus on how to manifest more, this guide explains that everything readers need is right here, right now—and that each person is enough just the way they are. It provides readers with the key to unlock their best life, one in which they are already abundant, happy, and grateful."