“Power: How to Get It, How to Keep It” by E.R. Vernor

"Power: How to Get It, How to Keep It" by E.R. Vernor

"The majority of people desire power over their lives yet struggle to do so. The reasons vary but primarily we fail because we truly haven’t changed the fundamental mindset that got us there in the first place. A new year is everyday of your life to self correct the course, New Year's isn't some magical reset switch no matter how much we wish it were.

We fail eventually and repeat the cycle not through lack of desire, but lack of how we focus, our lack of a clear plan of action, and fall back on old habits. Our standards we accept from ourselves, and others. How we approach debts and our spending habits, exercise and diet, and facing any number of further adversities. A new and better year isn’t a short list of things to work on then put off. It’s about doing a little each and every day different from what caused your pain before.

Power goes deep into activating ambition, self-control, mentors, getting out of debt and wealth building, time management, setting boundaries, power of persuasion and how not to be manipulated, guarding your reputation and more, pulling from the author's prior best sellers such as Hail Thyself!, The Sixth Millionaire, No Excuses, Get Sh*t Done, and new material."