“In Love With A Ghost: Real stories of normal people in paranormal relationships” by Lee Brickley

"In Love With A Ghost: Real stories of normal people in paranormal relationships" by Lee Brickley

"What would you do if a ghost appeared in your bedroom every night? You’d probably move house as quickly as possible and hope it doesn’t follow you, right? Well, not everyone thinks the same way.

Some folks out there have an entirely different reaction to that situation, and believe it or not, hundreds of them claim to be in loving relationships with entities from beyond the grave.

There are those who receive regular visits from their deceased husbands and wives. Many feel no need to move on or seek new partners because they are still very much in love, and their spouse continues to hang around.

Then there are those who fall for a spirit that just happens to be haunting their home. It might sound unlikely, but increasing numbers of people find themselves in this position, and some even claim to enjoy acts of physical love with their phantom boyfriends and girlfriends.

It is well known that ghosts can send a shiver down a person’s spine, but what is not as well known, is that some people seem to enjoy it.

This book features real stories from normal people in paranormal relationships."