“Energetic Bodywork: Practical Techniques” by Rita J. McNamara

"Energetic Bodywork: Practical Techniques" by Rita J. McNamara

"Finding the perfect balance between mind and body is the key to experiencing a whole, healthy, and energetic lifestyle. Haunting memories of past trauma or a major emotional change can, however, keep you from achieving this goal. Energetic Bodywork is a pioneering effort in the field of psychosomatic and alternative healing that demonstrates the links between specific body tissues and emotional stress, which ultimately leads to the solution best for you. Rita J. McNamara, a practicing counselor and therapist, explains the mechanics of the mind-body connection. She offers clear and comprehensive descriptions of various treatments that go beyond traditional massage and physical therapies to include working with the chakra system, meridians, and vibrational therapies. Covers assessment techniques and the use of acupressure, massage, crystals, aromatherapy, homeopathy and to correct the imbalances in the body that result from emotional and physical issues and trauma."