“Physics of the New Millennium: Birth of the New Paradigm” by Eue Jin Jeong

"Physics of the New Millennium: Birth of the New Paradigm" by Eue Jin Jeong

"Anyone who has seen the Coral Castle will wonder how one man could have built such a gigantic coral stone structures without using any of the modern day weight lifting machinery. If we could believe it was just a magician's trick, it would not have been such a marvel. The problem was that Ed Leedskalnin had his own theory of magnetic phenomena and he proclaimed that he learned how to move those stones by decoding the Egyptian pyramid builder's secret. We have evidence that the improbable movement of the enormous weight of stones have been made by observing his magnificent coral castle. And here is a person who has actually proclaimed that he learned the secret of how to achieve it in terms of physical and scientific means.

Obviously we have an amazing scientific mystery to solve here. It is easy to dismiss the whole incident as a nonsensical absurdity. It is entirely up to the individual scientist's choice to take the story as a serious challenge for scientific investigation or to dismiss it as an uninteresting and improbable nonsense.

I decided to choose to take the story as a serious challenge as a physicist and to make an attempt to solve the mystery. Looking back, it was not like serendipity or a sudden realization of the key secrets. It was rather a gradual step by step process of discovering the secrets while reading his writings and trying to piece together the entire picture of the circumstances in relation to other adventures that I have made on the nature of the neutrinos as the background particles in the universe."