“Jesus Christ Super Psychic” by T.N. Tiemeyer (1976 edition)

"Jesus Christ Super Psychic" by T.N. Tiemeyer (1976 edition)

"Jesus Christ Super Psychic is a startling interpretation of Jesus’ miracles in terms of psychic phenomena. The author finds the Sacred Scriptures filled with evidences of discarnate spirits, clairaudience, clairvoyance, precognition, poltergeists, apports, apparitions, dematerialization, psychokinesis, out-of-body experiences, and influences from the etheric realm.

• The mystery of the "hidden years"
• Where did Jesus learn the secrets of his power?
• The awesome Essenes and their amazing knowledge
• How to walk on water
• The way to feed to five thousand
• What happened to the body of Jesus?
• Can the dead be brought back to life?
• Was Jesus a reincarnation of an ancient man?
• Is this sensational power available today?
• Are there evil spirits that need exorcism today?

For those whose interests have turned toward the spiritual by way of the psychic door, sometimes it is difficult to explain the relationship to others who don’t understand. This book takes a giant step in closing that gap.

Jesus Christ Super Psychic, factual and thoroughly researched, reflects Jesus’ mastery of life and the principles of the Universe. Other historical biblical figures are also studied. Their psychic feats and abilities are discussed in modern parapsychological terms. Theodore N. Tiemeyer, a Congregational minister, applies forty years of study and research to his metaphysical interpretation of the life of Jesus.

The title Jesus Christ Super Psychic may seem blasphemous or even downright sacrilege to a person who does not see the connection between our God-given talents, our inherent abilities, and psychic phenomena or ESP. Jesus said "There are many gifts of the spirit. Some have the gift of healing, some have the gift of prophecy, some have the gift of mediumship…" [1 Cor. 12] as well as "These things you shall do also, and more". Psychic abilities of any sort are talents inherent to the human race, but somehow in our early years they are "civilized" out of many of us. Jesus was an Absolute Master of ALL these abilities. ESP, psychic phenomena, Universal Principles—call it what you will—it exists, whether one believes in it or not. And staunch disbelievers will be the most shaken of all when they have their first unbidden psychic experience. Tiemeyer makes clear the necessity for counselors who are sensitive to the needs of these unwitting experiencers, to gently guide them through their unbelief. A powerful book! Read! And discover the world of Jesus Christ Super Psychic!"