“Transcendent Mind: Rethinking the Science of Consciousness” by Imants Baruss and Julia Mossbridge

"Transcendent Mind: Rethinking the Science of Consciousness" by Imants Baruss and Julia Mossbridge

"Where does consciousness come from? For most scientists and laypeople, it is axiomatic that something in the substance of the brain—neurons, synapses, and gray matter in just the right combination—creates perception, self-awareness, and intentionality. Yet, despite decades of neurological research, that "something"—the mechanism by which this process is said to occur—has remained frustratingly elusive. This is no accident, as the authors of this book argue, given that the evidence increasingly points to a startling fact: Consciousness may not, in fact, reside in the brain at all.

In this wide-ranging and deeply scientific book, Imants Barušs and Julia Mossbridge utilize findings from special relativity and quantum mechanics, modern and ancient philosophers, and paranormal psychology to build a rigorous, detailed investigation into the origins and nature of human consciousness. Along the way, they examine the scientific literature on concepts including mediumship, out-of-body and near-death experiences, telekinesis, "apparent time" versus "deep time", and mind-to-mind communication. The result is a revelatory tour of the "post-materialist" world—and a road map for consciousness research in the 21st century."