“Dancing with Energy: Healing, Magick, and Mysticism” by Mark Henry

"Dancing with Energy: Healing, Magick, and Mysticism" by Mark Henry

"Do you want to be a powerful energy worker that can heal, teach, and incarnate desires? Would you like to learn skills that enhance your life and empower your clients? The art of energy healing and manifestation can transform your life and the lives of those around you. Dancing with Energy is a journey into the art of Reiki. Learn about energetic healing through the guidance and experience of a fellow traveler. Explore the energy structures of the aura and chakras. The three levels of Reiki will then be revealed along with using Reiki with animals. Receive wisdom on forming a healing group and leading a Reiki share. Follow the call of healing guidance and learn how to set up your own practice. Once your understanding of energy work has begun, you will uncover how to use Reiki for manifestation using ritual. Embark on the journey of discovering spirit guides and healing forces to aid you in your progression towards the ever-changing world of energetic essence. The dance has only just begun."