“Applications of the Yin-Yang & Bagua” by Dzung Dang Van

"Applications of the Yin-Yang & Bagua" by Dzung Dang Van

"Yin-Yang and Bagua are two basic platforms in Chinese metaphysics Storage. Today, they are still used to explain many of the phenomena of nature, society and people in oriental subjects. Their applications are present in most feng shui methods. So if you want to learn Feng Shui then you must learn Yin-Yang and Bagua. This small book is a timely response to the needs of readers.

The book provides the knowledge of Yin-Yang and Bagua with simple style, easy to understand, easy to apply. However the benefit of these simple things is in practicing. More than popular feng shui applications, author has simplified the great Lao Tzu's doctrines in only Eight Trigrams to help you easily remember and apply them. It helps you adjust and develop yourself better in all areas of your life such as family, company, team, organization … depending on your position from time to time. So you will not get any value if you ignore this book."