“Irish Tales From The Otherworld: Ghosts, Fairies And Evil Spirits” by Bob Curran

"Irish Tales From The Otherworld: Ghosts, Fairies And Evil Spirits" by Bob Curran

"Extraordinary tales that have been passed down from generation to generation, and are now published for the first time.

Even today, ancient forces stride across the mythical Irish landscape… In Ireland, the supernatural is usually never far away. It lies sleeping beneath a seemingly peaceful and beautiful landscape, just beyond our vision but ready to emerge when we least expect it or when we inadvertently stir it to life. This book draws you into this mysterious otherworld, a world of fairies, ghosts, sheehogues and other horrors.

A weaver strikes a bargain with the fairies with tragic consequences. A young girl unwittingly invites a poltergeist into her family home, causing mayhem. A group of fishermen, lost at sea in a thick fog, discover there is someone — or something — else on their boat. A ghostly maid wanders the corridors of a stately home, doomed for eternity for her crime. A woman agrees to a marriage between her daughter and a mysterious stranger — only to discover that the man had died many years before.

These and many other folk tales have been collected by Bob Curran and are retold in compelling detail. Let these stories send a shiver up your spine!"