“The Shining Cities: An Anthology of Pagan Science Fiction” edited by Rebecca Buchanan

"The Shining Cities: An Anthology of Pagan Science Fiction" edited by Rebecca Buchanan

"Alternate history. Apocalyptic. Biopunk. Cyberpunk. Dystopia. Ecological. Far future. Feminist. Gaslight. Lost world. Marxist. Military. Parallel world. Planetary romance. Space opera. Space western. Steampunk. Superhero. Time travel. Utopia.

As a genre, science fiction is difficult to define. So, perhaps the best definition is also the broadest: science fiction as a genre deals with imaginary, but plausible and logically constructed, worlds in which the implications and consequences of cultural, environmental, and scientific change and innovation are explored. With its limitless potential for world-building — and real world influence — science fiction is also a genre rich in possibility for Pagan authors and readers alike, but one which has been sadly neglected.

With The Shining Cities, we add one more to that short list of works. In these pages you will find tales that run the gamut from humorous to ecological to anthropological to time travel to space fantasy to space opera to steampunk. It is our hope that The Shining Cities will be only the most recent addition to an ever-growing catalogue of Pagan science fiction."